Finding a Mesothelioma Support Group

How do I find a Mesothelioma Support Group?

Support groups for Mesothelioma patients are available all over the country to help patients cope with the many hurdles and challenges that they will face with their condition.  Patients feel comforted by discussing their feelings with others who are in the same boat.  Patients supporting one another can be very helpful and will assist with the overall coping process.

The following tips should help you find a support group that's right for you:
  1. Ask your doctor for referrals to any support groups that  he or she is aware of.
  2. Ask the nurses who are assisting in your treatment for support group information.
  3. Almost all hospitals have a social services department and are there to help you.  They can assist you in finding support programs.
  4. Talk to other patients and get referrals from them.
  5. If you are religious, check with your church or place of worship.  Most religious establishments offer cancer support groups.
  6. Search the internet using Google or other search engines.  You will find a wide variety of online resources including forums, chat rooms, mailing lists, videos, etc.
Also, when choosing a Mesothelioma support group, be sure to pick one that offers a good balance of education and counseling.  The chosen group should provide ample information about the disease including the different stages and expectations.

Patients who are recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma patient will have many new feelings to sort out.  Some of these feelings can include the following:
  1. Confusion
  2. Guilt
  3. Anger
  4. Denial
    The patient will also be faced with decisions regarding whether or not to continue working, discussing their disease with family, DNRs, wills and other personal affairs.  These issues are some of the hardest   to deal with as they require an acceptance of the disease.  Just remember, your clergy,  healthcare providers, psychiatrists and other counselors are trained to help you.  Don't be embarrassed to ask!